Telesales Training R600

Telesales Training R600
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Telesales Training


When you were taking telesales training did you ever wonder what part does the unconscious mind play in telesales?

I mean, why do some prospects hang up and some don’t?

Is there some fancy persuasion technique that makes the difference? Something that can be taught in a telesales training in an afternoon.

Plainly, the advantage in telesales belongs to the caller who can establish rapport and lead the prospect or customer. Yet, any telemarketer can tell you how hard it is to gain and maintain rapport on the phone.

In a face-to-face sales call you often have several minutes to establish rapport. In telesales, you have only a few seconds to establish enough sales rapport to keep the person on the line. Telesales training has to take this into account

This course was compiled for the individual that need to learn something new, upgrading existing skills or just the school lever that need to get some training behind their name.

This course is a nonaccredited course, but does have more value than having no idea of how to do tele sales

The cost of the course is R600  R120 ($10.41) Opening special.

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