Course: English to Zulu course R999

Course: English to Zulu course R999
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The cost of the course is R600  – But R120 ($10.41) Opening special.

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Welcome to:

Motivation 4 All

Basic Life Skills

Online Training Facility Course:

English to Zulu

In this course outline, we teach you the basic words to learning the Zulu language.

We thank you for participating into the Online Learning Facility

By signing up to this course, you assist in providing knowledge to yourself & helping those in need.

After completion of your lessons and conducting a test, you will be awarded a non-accredited Certificate from the Motivation 4 All Campaign for Basic Training Course in Zulu.

With continuous practice, you are able to master the basics of the Zulu language and are able to ad this language to your personal credentials on your C.V.

We wish you luck with your training & remember, continuous practice is key to a successful outcome!

All of the best!!