Course: Business management Module 1 – R450

Course: Business management Module 1 – R450
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Certification after all 6 modules has been successfully completed.



2It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this module. To make sure that you share our enthusiasm about this field of study, we urge you to read this preface thoroughly. Refer to it as often as you need to, since it will certainly make studying this module a lot easier.

3The field of business management is extremely dynamic and challenging. The learning content and activities contained in this study guide will provide you with opportunities to explore the latest developments in this field. We hope that you will enjoy this course.


4The purpose of this module is for you to acquire foundational concepts in business management. This module will develop your understanding of entrepreneurship and all the activities involved in establishing your own enterprise. It provides a foundation for all later modules in this subject.

5The purpose of this study guide is to help you to acquire a better understanding of the prescribed textbook. We trust that you will find this a helpful aid and that it will help you to understand the content of the subject and the prescribed textbook better.

6Before you start studying this module of Business Management I, you should have an overview of the course. The purpose of the module Entrepreneurship and how to establish your own business is to teach you how to become an entrepreneur and to introduce you to the route that you have to follow to start your own enterprise.

7Although the term “entrepreneurship” is commonly used in our daily lives, each of us has a different idea of what entrepreneurship entails.


15After completing this module, you should have the competence to identify and start a small business with the necessary assistance and support, and to develop business plans that comply with appropriate laws and that reflect an ethical approach to management.